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With the ever changing climate of mainstream programming, the world needs conscious media now more than ever. UI Media strives to provide independent creators and thought leaders a platform for their messages to be heard – uncensored and protected from the influence of larger outlets.

UI Media Network thrives on the generous support of our viewers. If you’re ready to join the conscious media movement, help us to help others.

Our Mission

United Intentions Foundation

Our mission is to provide programs and resources to awaken and unite people to the power of their intentions to inspire collective actions to create a more unified world.

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The growth and maintenance of our network and the resources we provide depend on the generous support of viewers just like you. 

If you enjoy our programs and would like to join us in sharing conscious media, please consider donating and sharing our site on your favorite social network. We are facing times of extreme censorship, the likes of which we have never seen. Your support will help us continue to provide uncensored conscious media with thought provoking content to viewers like you. If you enjoy our programs and would like to join us in sharing conscious media, please consider donating and sharing our site on your favorite social network.

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All contributions help to provide support to UI Media Network’s operations and growth. Donations help to produce shows, provide support to our many hosts and the staff that works tirelessly to deliver conscious media to you our viewers.

  • Brings scholars, scientists, and spiritual leaders into our studios.
  • Produce, edit, and share thought-provoking original series & films.
  • Create and support uncensored content.

Our Story

In 2009, Tim Ray created the United Intentions Foundation and subsequently, the UI Media Network, a non-profit foundation that provides programs, tools, and resources to help individuals consciously navigate their intentions to create their true thoughts, feelings, and desires. UI Media Network was created for conscious-minded hosts and listeners to speak from one to many to unite and share the stories of remarkable people the ways to live an intentional life.

One of the biggest challenges faced by United Intentions has been the battle with the mainstream media’s agenda. Too many people have been programmed to receive their media from sources that base their news on fear and suppression. If anything, this has shown that conscious media is needed more today than ever before. People deserve to have a place where they can speak their truth and have their voice and opinion matter. Our platform welcomes all races, religions, political affiliations and more. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver entertaining, empowering, and purposeful information to ALL people around the world who are seeking positive change in their lives. Join us at UI Media Network as we change the world by bringing conscious uncensored media to those seeking the truth.